ATI Champion – ATI Champions to Empower and Lead the Faculty

Short Answer: An ATI Champion is a brilliant ATI Nursing Student who empowers and leads the faculty and staff to use ATI class resources in clinics, simulations, and more.

ATI is a well-known nursing platform because of its quality and impactful education. Its faculty members are well-trained, but what if a student performs best during Nursing education? He becomes the ATI Champion and led the other students and faculty like champions.

An ATI Champion can be a teacher, nurse educator, faculty member, or administrative staff member who advocates for others like an ATI leader. The champion coordinates with both the students and faculty to achieve more outcomes.

ATI Champion

This article will address who are ATI Champions, their responsibilities, how to become an ATI champion, and more. Let’s read on and become the next ATI Testing champion.

Understanding the ATI Champion

ATI Champions are the superheroes of Nursing education. They might be faculty members, nurse educators, or administrative staff members who support others in improving their nursing programs. They are the leaders, helpers, and coordinators who are extremely concerned with student success. ATI Testing brings this term and role to make nursing study more effective and collaborative, bringing desired results in medicines, clinics, and simulations.

Simply, an ATI Testing champion works like an empowerer who helps others to use the ATI resources effectively in classic clinical settings and simulations.

What is an ATI champion

They help organize training and practical sessions for the faculty and students, using different data and previously available ATI solutions to ensure everyone’s success.

They are more than just teachers but mentors in Nursing education, whether it’s study, dosage calculation, or other aspects. They inspire others, reduce newbies’ stress, and help them build confidence to be the best nurses of tomorrow.

What does an ATI Champion do?

Becoming a TEAS Champion means stepping into the leadership role of the fellows and other students within the nursing education community. You will empower students and faculty to make the most of ATI resources.

But what’s the benefit? It strengthens your own skills and is a positive gesture towards other students who find things difficult to understand. It’s like sharing, caring for, and helping others to be successful in nursing education and the ATI Exit Exam.

ATI Champion benefits

Being a champion, you are enrolled in the following activities:

Visible Leadership Role

You are at the forefront of guiding and helping others use ATI resources effectively. This boosts your confidence and encourages others to be dedicated to helping others succeed in their ATI nursing education journey. It’s like sharing and caring. 


As a champion, you are empowering faculty and students to use the ATI resources more effectively to enhance their learning and teaching experience. This way, students get a deeper understanding of the concepts, more valuable practical experience, and a deeper understanding of the nursing concepts, and the faculty can create more effective and engaging lesson plans. It means it’s all about empowering others. 

Resume Enhancement (Portfolio)

It shows your committment to advace the nursing education. Surely, it will make your resume strong and counted as an experience. It will get potential employers, showcasing it as your leadership skills and dedication to help others for professional development.


Networking is key, whether you are in nursing or any field. It helps you connect with other fellows across the country (sometimes internationally) and provides an opportunity for idea sharing and collaboration. 

Such relationships lead to new resources and insights and are helpful in bringing potential career opportunities in the field of Nursing Education. 

Continuing Education

It helps you stay updated with the latest trends and practices in nursing when you start teaching others. It benefits personally but also boosts your ability to support other students and faculty according to the latest trends in the medical field. 

Community Engagement

A classroom without engagement is not a classroom. If you show yourself as a supportive community member, more people will like to connect with you. That’s helpful for sharing experiences, finding inspiration from others (hidden talents), and seeking advice from others’ passions or experiences for nursing education. 


If you successfully fulfill the role of Champion at ATI Testing, you will receive an ATI Champion certification as a token of appreciation. It’s like having tangible proof that you have helped several people in your community before serving others in a practical field. It’s necessary to boost your confidence and motivate others by showing yourself as a positive example. Moreover, it has an overall positive impact on nursing education. 

Participation in Calls

When you want to help others, you have to participate in national and regional calls. These calls are necessary to keep you updated with the latest trends, initiatives, and developments in nursing education. Here, you can share your ideas and insights as a contributor, shaping the direction of ATI’s programs and resources. 


Last but not least, positive feedback from people boosts your energy, and you perform best as an evolving champion, fulfilling the needs of students and educators. 

Feedback from others influences you to deliver better, such as new products and strategies, ultimately improving the quality of nursing education. 

They have different responsibilities based on the department and programs. Here are some common roles and responsibilities you will have as an ATI leader.

Self-Paced Training

Start and finish your ATI champion training within 90 days of starting. It depicts that you are equipped with everything you need, including knowledge and practice. 

Develop a Success Plan

Create a plan to be successful according to your program’s needs. It will maximize the training benefits, aligning them with your program goals for maximized results. 

Empowering and Faculty Exploration

You have to empower the faculty to explore and use the ATI resources more effectively. This includes providing access to product training videos, educator implementation guides, and more. After familiarizing themselves with these resources, the faculty will be able to use more effective teaching methods. 

Maintain Open Communication

Communication is very necessary to take your Champion role throughout the course. You have to stay connected to your ATI representative to get informed about developments and updates. It will help you implement things more effectively. 

Update User Accounts

Always update the account with your current email address to get up-to-date information, notifications, and more. It helps maintain an accurate user information flow, smooth communication, and engagement with the resources.

Support Consistent Use

It’s your primary responsibility to support consistent use of the ATI solutions among students and faculty. For example, troubleshooting issues, providing guidance and promoting the benefits of ATI resources so that more people can learn them effectively. 

Update Class Rosters

Update the class rosters regularly whenever they need accurate data. It’s helpful in effective monitoring of the student’s/faculty’s progress and performance. Moreover, data-driven decision-making brings positive and calculated results.

In addition to your role as ATI Champion, you are responsible for collaborating with your ATI representative for the creation, approval, assessment, and other testing remediation policy programs. 

  • Policy Development Coordination: Stay close to the representative to manage the process of creating, getting approval for, implementing, and assessing the testing and remediation policy. They must be fair and unbiased. 
  • Focus on ATI Assessment: The developed policy should cover how the ATI assessments work and are implemented within the program. It’s to ensure that the assessments are utilized effectively. 
  • Consistent Application: The program should consistently enforce and reinforce the policies throughout the nursing curriculum. Make sure that the students fully understand the policy.

By sharing these Comprehensive Testing and Remediation Policy, you contribute to creating a supportive, reliable, and equitable learning environment for all the students in the ATI Testing program. 

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As a champion, you help the faculty members in generating and analyzing ATI data to achieve measured goals:

  • Use the data and other analytics to track student progress and match it with the desired goals. This helps the faculty analyze where their students are excelling and where they need additional support. 
  • With the analytics, faculty can track the students who may be at risk, struggling, or falling behind the graph. It’s like early identification to help students to be on track again. 
  • By analyzing the data, faculty can refer students for appreciation. This way, students can also get the support they need according to their specific needs. 
  • Monitoring product usage helps with product alignment and integration plan of the ATI products. It’s necessary to analyze the resources effectively to support student learning. 
  • Analytics helps identify the potential gaps in the nursing courses or the overall program curriculum. It further helps make informed decisions about curriculum development and enhancement. 

Recall that you are the leader, and your main role is to provide training and support to faculty and students as an ATI champion. We have listed the main points here. 

  • Inform the nursing faculty by providing correct updates on ATI products during meetings. Access the plans regularly and align again if needed. 
  • Workshops are necessary; therefore, training sessions should be organized for faculty members to better understand and utilize ATI solutions. The sessions will based on the integration of the best practices, promoting usage, and other details maximizing the benefits of ATI solutions. 
  • Ensure the security of the ATI test to maintain academic integrity. Educate and help the faculty implement appropriate proctoring measures. 
  • Educate the onboarding students to practice and utilize resources effectively.

By providing precise training and support to the faculty and students, ATI champions can contribute to effectively integrating and utilizing ATI solutions within their program. 

It refers to evaluating and assessing the leadership qualities according to the ATI framework. This score describes several aspects, such as communication skills, teamwork, decision-making capability, adaptability, etc. 

It enhances ATI Champions’ leadership qualities, contributing to the development of effective leaders in ATI nursing programs. 

It involves the following steps to be a Champion with ATI:

  • First, familiarize yourself with all the ATI resources and explore everything. 
  • Participate in ATI training, attend webinars, and check all the training modules. 
  • Now, analyze your proficiency in using ATI resources and your commitment to support students and faculty. 
  • Express your keen interest in being the Champion with ATI representative. 
  • Start participating in Champion activities.
  • Promote ATI resources within your institution and community.
  • Provide full support to the students and faculty. Now, you are an ATI champion. 

This way you can be a leader in supporting students and faculty as a rising champion.


What is an ATI Champion?

It’s an ATI student ready to help other students and faculty members to make nursing education more effective. It’s like working as a leader in your selected nursing program.

What is the purpose of ATI Champion?

The main task is to advocate for the students to bring program improvements. 

What are the benefits of becoming an ATI Champion?

It offers several opportunities like CV building, networking, access to continuing education, enhanced expertise, and a chance to contribute to improving nursing education. 

Can anyone become an ATI champion?

The students who want to help others with their nursing education can become ATI champions.

Final Words

Becoming an ATI testing champion brings twofold benefits (including own benefits). This role officially helped many students increase their first-time pass rate from 69% to 88%, regardless of the program they are enrolled in. Former students advise current students and help them pass their ATI exams easily. An ATI champion works like a teacher and student and contributes to the betterment of nursing education. 

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