ATI Exit Exam 2024 – Intro & How to Pass ATI Exit Exam

Short Answer: The ATI Exit Exam is the final exam to know your skills and knowledge as a nursing student at the end of the TEAS program. If you score between 78.7%-80% in the ATI comprehensive Exit exam, it’s an excellence on NCLEX.

ATI takes a Comprehensive Exit Exam test from the students after passing out or at the end of the nursing course. Primarily, it’s an assessment of the knowledge and skills that you have learned in the nursing program.

It’s necessary to take the exit exam before graduation and getting the passing score is mandatory. If you achieve the threshold score, it’s considered your success in the NCLEX exam.

ATI Exit Exam

Do you want to get admission to ATI but don’t know about the comprehensive exam? This guide will discuss the Exit Exam by ATI, its benefits, how to score high in the ATI exit exam, and more. Let’s read on!

What is ATI Exit Exam?

It’s a fundamental test to assess the student’s skill and knowledge at the end of the nursing program. Students take it before graduation and it’s necessary for the Nursing license issueance to provide professional nursing services.

It actually assesses your preparations for the NCLEX exam, knowledge, and overall performance. Primarily, it has two purposes. First is to allow the student to prepare for the NCLEX exam and secondly to know where they are lacking before the final exam.

In short, it is designed in such a way to know the student’s competencies to provide safe and professional nursing services after graduation.

The comprehensive exit exam has 180 questions, divided into four major sections: Nursing Fundamentals, Health Promotion and Illness Prevention, Pharmacology, and Pathophysiology.

The score range is 200 to 800 and 75% marks are considered as passing marks usually. In case you don’t pass the test, ATI allows retake the exit exam.

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ATI Comprehensive Predictor Exams 2019-2023

Before taking this exam, it’s good to have a look at previous exams to know the type of questions. It’s just to assess how will you prepare for the exam. We have listed the exit exams from 2019-2023 below:

ATI Exit Exam Syllabus

What is included in the Exit nursing exam? The exam consists of 180 (or 175) multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Candidates earn a score point for some of them but they don’t know which question is scored and unscored.

It also has some other question types like fill-in-the-blanks to measure your overall concepts for the CNLEX exam. The test mainly addresses the following concepts:

  • To know the effective nursing care techniques in a safe environment. It analyzes how you control the infection and manage the nursing care with it.
  • To analyze your psychological integrity to provide nursing care services.
  • How do you promote health-related education among the people.
  • Primary nursing care, risk reduction, pharmacological therapies, and physiological adaptation.
  • It also tests other expertise like public health, pediatrics, pharmacology, obstetrics, etc.

Remember that the exit exam is organized and supervised by the nursing school.

ATI Exit Exam Duration: 4 hrs (240 minutes)

It provides less time than NCLEX test because NCLEX gives 6 hrs to attempt 145 questions.

ATI Exit Exam Scoring

The overall score depends on the number of questions you attempt. Each question has a unique score depending on the scale of difficulty. It means if you attempt 10 questions, all of them will carry different scores.

When a student gets the exit exam result, it doesn’t show the score you have achieved by attempting the questions. However, it only shows a comprehensive list of the concepts you have to review.

ATI Exit exam and probablility to pass NCLEX

Confused? The topics you must review indicate that you have missed those questions. The result doesn’t give details of each topic but provides information about subtopics to pass the NCLEX exam.

The following table shows that the Exit exam individual score corresponding to the predicted probability of passing the NCLEX exam.

RN Comprehensive Predictor Individual Score (2019)Predicted Probability of Passing the NCLEX Exam

How to Register for ATI Exit Exam – Taking ATI Comprehensive Exam

Remember that the test is supervised by the ATI school you are enrolled. If you want to take the Comprehensive Exit exam, here is the step-by-step procedure.

Step 1: First, make sure you are enrolled in an accredited institution for any ATI nursing course.

Step 2: In the final year, register for the Exit exam through your school. Find the guidelines and terms at your ATI school’s portal.

Step 3: Register for the ATI exit exam and prepare for it.

Step 4: Receive your exit exam result and now start preparation for the NCLEX exam after checking your probability as shown in the above section (table).

How to Pass ATI Exit Exam – Tips & Tricks

Every student is concerned about passing this exam. It’s easy but requires preparation because it accesses your knowledge and skills. It’s a comprehensive predictor assessment to know your success on the NCLEX. If you pass, it means you are good to go for NCLEX. If you fail, you will know in which part you need more effort to get the passing score.

We have listed the effective tips to pass the ATI exit exam with good scores:

  • Practice, Practice, and Practice: Everyone knows that practice makes a man perfect. The same goes for this exam. You must revise all the concepts and practice for them before taking the exam.
  • Time Management: Time management is necessary in every field and the same goes for your study time. Manage time, watch video-recorded lectures, review exit exam books, and try to cover all the topics according to the syllabus. For this purpose, you have to prepare a schedule and strictly follow it.
  • Follow Common Strategies: You must follow some common test-taking strategies such as making yourself comfortable, always being prepared, never being late in preparations, keeping a positive attitude, and practicing enough to come with flying colors.
  • Know Your Weaknesses: If you want to pass the final comprehensive ATI exam, you must know where do you need improvement. Don’t hesitate to meet an instructor to figure out if you are unable to do it. Use additional resources, create the same exam-like environment before taking the final exam, and use as many resources as you can.
  • Practice Tests: Practice tests are important so always use some Exit exam practice test before taking the final test.
  • Be Informed: Don’t go to take the test blindly but you must be informed and prepared.
  • Easy Stuff: Sometimes, we leave the easy questions and topics but don’t make such a mistake. Easy stuff can make you score higher on the exam. Therefore, always prepare the test completely without ignoring the topics.

ATI Exit Exam Question

Are you curious about the questions? The exam consists of Multiple-choice Questions (MCQs) and fill-in-the-blanks. There are four sections divided into different categories to access your academic knowledge and skills.
ATI Exit exam 2024 consists of a total of 175-180 questions and each question score is based on its difficulty. Therefore, always attempt all the questions to pass the exam.

Final Words

ATI exit comprehensive exam is necessary to qualify for your selected nursing program. If you pass, it’s like a verification badge for every student. It helps get a nursing job easily after your final year and builds a test. So it’s all about the ATI Exit test and we hope you will like the information and pros tips. Be prepared and be a professional Nurse with ATI.


How accurate is the ATI NCLEX predictor?

A predictor shows the probability. It’s not 100% accurate but if you follow it, there are more chances of your success.

What is the ATI Critical Thinking Exit Exam?

It’s the Critical Thinking module in the Exit exam. It is used for student’s critical thinking analysis. The student has to access the questions, information, and data to pass this test.

How many questions are there in the ATI PN Exit exam?

It consists of 180 questions.

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