ATI TEAS Cost 2024 – What is ATI Testing Cost/fee?

Short Answer: Currently, ATI TEAS Cost is $120. It’s an average ATI Testing cost and may vary depending on your location and other circumstances.

The cost of ATI TEAS and PSI exams varies by location, testing center, and other parameters. Why ATI Test exam cost vary? It’s a common question people ask; let’s make it clear.

Students choose different locations (schools & test centers), and the overall fee is calculated by the facilities the authorities provide. TEAS charges additional fees such as a proctor fee, room fee, TEAS Scheduling fee, security monitoring if you take it online, and more. However, an average ATI Test costs around $120.


Still confused? Stick to this guide to learn more about the ATI Testing exam fee, its breakdown, and other relevant information. So, let’s read on!

What is ATI TEAS Exam or TEAS Test?

A TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is an entrance test for nursing school and is highly acceptable in reputed nursing institutes. The score determines your career in a nursing program.

For those who want to be Registered Nurses (RN) or nursing professionals, take this test to get an acceptance letter from a reputable university or institution. ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) controls everything, such as ATI sign-up, scheduling, assessment, and more, as a nursing exam authority.

This exam covers the four major modules, i.e., Reading, Science, English, and Mathematics, to measure the language and analytical skills of the candidate. Currently, the latest module is TEAS 7.

ATI TEAS Modules

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ATI Testing Exam Format

To understand the ATI cost, it’s better to understand the TEAS exam format. The latest ATI test version consists of 170 questions, and the duration is 209 minutes (3hrs 29min). Check out the breakdown of it according to the modules individually.

ModuleDetailsNo. of QuestionsTime Allowed
ReadingConsist of basic ideas, structure, integration, and basic knowledge.4555 minutes
EnglishStandard conversation, vocabulary, and use of English Language.3737 minutes
MathAlgebra, Measurement, numbers, and data.3857 minutes
SciencePhysiology, human anatomy, chemistry, and Scientific reasoning.5060 minutes
Total170 questions209 minutes

ATI Test Cost – Explained

How much does ATI TEAS Test cost is a hot topic among students who want to become nursing professionals in the future. Recall that its cost depends on the candidate’s selected center, additional fees, etc.

TEAS test proctored by ATI or PSI is $120 (on average), and students have to pay around $100 at some universities.

ATI Test cost

If you register through ATI, you can pay your test fee immediately via ATM card (Visa, Credit, Debit, Discover cards, American Express, and MasterCard). If you choose to register through school, you will have to pay the fee during exam registration. Such candidates can pay their fees through ATM cards.

Other TEAS Test Fees

Some candidates need to pay additional fees proctored by their institution. For example, proctor fee, room fee, TEAS scheduling fee, and some other exams perk.

Remember that the transcription fee is included in the TEAS exam fee, but you will have to pay $27 for an additional transcript.

ATI TEAS Retake Fee

The candidate has to pay the same fee (original TEAS cost) to retake the exam. No installment, discount, or fee reduction policy exists for those who want to try their luck.

Here is an exceptional case for those who have passed a few ATI test modules. They have to pay different fees to take different TEAS modules, and the cost will differ from the first attempt. Isn’t it a plus?

Teas Exam Fee Waiver

ATI doesn’t offer fee waivers, but some institutions do. It’s a positive gesture for those who want to pursue a career in nursing but can’t afford the ATI test fee. All the universities and institutions do not provide concessions except a few. Also, the concession percentage (%) or amount is decided by the university offering a discount.

Currently, Middlesex Community College offers TEAS fee concession to students who want to apply for the nursing program but can’t take the test.

TEAS fee concession with middlesex institute

Wow! Middlesex Community College is offering a fee waiver of up to $50 (about 50%) based on your submitted financial details. The university determines your eligibility by analyzing your details, and everything is done under the Federal Student Aid Program (FAFSA).

First, students have to apply for the concession by filling out the application form. You will receive an email if you get selected for the fee waiver.

How much is the TEAS Test Online

Online TEAS is convenient; most people want to take it online because of traveling and other problems. TEAS online fee depends on your requirements and varies from school to school. Currently, ATI is charging $69 for taking the TEAS test online, and it’s the lowest fee. On average, it costs around $100 to $150.

How much is ATI per Semester

The nursing institute decides the per semester fee and usually offers different packages. Students have to pay different types of fees to use clinical resources and simulation centers during the study.

  • Regis College undergraduate BSN charges $550 per semester and has six semesters.
  • The Accelerated Bachelor and Direct Entry Master course fee is $825 per semester (for four semesters).
  • 24-Months Bachelors program costs $550 per month (for six semesters).

Students also have to pay the lab fees each semester to use their equipment. The lab fee costs around $700 in total.

Final Words

It’s all about the ATI test fee, which is $120 on average but calculated according to the test center, additional services, mode of test, etc. Ensure to read the test instructions before taking it. Some universities also offer concessions in the fee of up to 50%. It’s always better to take tests through an institute to get extra perks. Are you worried about the ATI fee submission? You can pay through ATM (debit card, American Express, MasterCard, etc).


How much does the ATI Test cost?

It costs $120 on average.

How long should I study for the ATI TEAS?

You must prepare the ATI test for at least 6 weeks. However, the preparation may vary depending on your mindset, learning capability, concepts, etc.

Is ATI Level 2 good?

It’s a proficiency standard also known as Level 2. It’s considered when the minimum expectations are exceeded in the content.

Does ATI expire?

Yes, it has a validity of one year (12 months).

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