ATI TEAS Sign up – Learn How to Join ATI Testing Portal

Short Answer: Open and complete all the 7 sign-up steps, including personal details, etc, to create ATI Testing account successfully.

ATI Testing portal is designed to help Nursing students schedule TEAS, do TEAS Prep, and such tasks. ATI TEAS sign up is necessary to become an official user. Without ATI Testing create account, students can’t access the portal and do the activity.

Curious how to join ATI Portal? Don’t worry! This guide will address all the details on how to create ATI Testing account and all the relevant information. Let’s read on!

About ATI Testing

It’s a nursing education system that can make your dream come true if you want to become a nurse. It’s also known as the ATI Nursing Education system, which provides resources and understanding to pass nursing exams. A team of professionals prepares TEAS tests, graduated in psychometrician.

The tests analyze each nursing individual differently. After passing the TEAS Exams, you can apply for the relevant nursing programs according to your score and will.

How to ATI TEAS Sign up – Step-by-Step Guide

To use the portal, you must create a new ATI Portal account. It’s easy to create an ATI account through mobile or computer by following the simple steps below:

Step 1: Open the ATI Testing official Website or follow the link at

Step 2: Navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and click “Create Account”.

Click the create account option on ATI portal

Step 3: This option will open the ATI Sign up Page. First, it will ask about the “Account Information”. Enter all the details, including username, password, and email address, and press “Continue.”

Enter Sign in Info

Step 4: Next, choose the three security questions and note them down somewhere. These are helpful for ATI Account recovery. Again Press “Continue”.

Security questions

Step 5: It’s time to enter your personal details such as Name, address, zip code, and phone number. Enter your official information to prevent further problems when taking TEAS.

Enter personal details

Step 6: After that, the ATI sign up page will ask about institution info. Enter the institution’s name, student ID, credentials, expected graduation date, and check mark non-degree seeking (optional).

Enter institution information

Step 7: It’s time to enter the Demographic info such as gender, date of birth, and primary language. Check mark the category options. You can checkmark one or more options that apply.

Enter demographic information

Step 8: Read the Subscription, Updates & Notes to know how ATI authorities use your personal information. Check the mark to agree and press Continue.

Subscription notes on ATI portal

Step 9: The next page gives the Terms & Conditions for using the ATI portal. Check mark to agree to the terms & conditions and Click “Register.”

ATI portal user's terms and conditions

Step 10: Congrats! You have completed the ATI signing-up steps.

welcome to ATI

Step 11: You will be redirected to the ATI welcome page. We recommend you choose “Get oriented to ATI as a student” and continue to sign in with your ATI account.

Sign in with your details

Note: You can download the ATI Sign up Steps to take a print before ATI Testing Join.

Your username will be shown above

ATI Testing Sign up Online

Most people ask this question. Remember that the ATI TEAS testing sign up procedure is online, and you can access it through a mobile or desktop browser. Moreover, you can download the ATI TEAS app from the Google Play store and create an account through the mobile app. This means you can join it at your convenience.

ATI Account Set up

ATI Testing account set up means completing all the joining steps, signing in to the portal, and setting it up completely. Now, students can update their profile, take practice tests, register for TEAS test, or perform any task as a nursing student.

Wrapping up

So it’s all about ATI TEAS sign up to get complete resources for preparation, scheduling your test, and other tasks according to your requirements. The portal is easily accessible through different devices such as laptop, computer, and smartphone. Your account data is always synced, which means you can update anything from one device, and it will be automatically updated where you are signed in. Join now and enjoy!


How to create an account on ATI Testing?

How do I create ATI Testing account? It’s easier to sign up for the TEAS portal. Go to the portal, choose the “Create Account” option, enter all the details, follow on-screen commands, and you are done with it.

Is creating an ATI testing account Free?

Yes, it’s free to join the portal. You only have to pay for the ATI practice tests and other paid programs. Otherwise, it’s free to sign up at

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