ATI TEAS Study Guide: eBooks, Reviews & More

Short Answer: The only ATI TEAS study guide for 2024-2025. Get an overview of the exam, preparation, how to score more, recommended books, and more.

Whether you want to prepare for the TEAS exam or looking for study guides to ace the test, this blog will do the job. It’s impossible to become a nurse without passing the TEAS exam. The TEAS exam estimates the students’ knowledge about nursing and healthcare. In this blog, you’ll get the ATI TEAS study guide to help you prepare for the exam so you can step into nursing school and begin your journey of passion.

Let’s understand the ATI TEAS study guide and how it can help you.

What is the ATI TEAS Study Guide?

Passing the most critical test, i.e. TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills), is hard for students because they don’t yet have a strong grip on healthcare academics. In that case, the ATI TEAS study guide solves their problems, including practice tests, step-by-step video tutorials, assessments, and more.

The guiide can take you from “I don’t know where to start” to “I’m ready to attempt the exam“. Hence, you feel more confident when you have the right resources and have worked hard to prepare for the exam.

It further helps assess your strengths and weaknesses while preparing for the TEAS. It prevents you from making the same mistakes you have already made while practicing and scheduling ATI TEAS test. As a result, you can pass your ATI TEAS exam easily compared to if you didn’t pay attention to the study guide.

ATI TEAS Study Guide PDF

How amazing would it be if you could prep for the ATI TEAS exam with the study guide written by the test’s creators? Yes, your chances will be increased drastically.

It includes an overview of the exam, the scoring, what to bring, exclusive TEAS-specific tips from experts, content areas, and much more to reduce your test-day anxiety.

Here you can find the latest TEAS guide books in hard or soft form.

ATI TEAS 7 Study Guide PDF

It is the latest version of the ATI TEAS exam guide. The main difference between ATI TEAS 6 and ATI TEAS 7 is the number of questions you’ll get in each section i.e. Science section, Math section, Reading section, and English section.

For example, in the Science section, you’ll get 18 Human anatomy questions, 9 Biology questions, 8 Chemistry questions, and 9 Scientific Reasoning questions.

ATI TEAS 7 Quizlet 

Quizlet is a platform for everyone who wants to learn something, prepare for a test, or memorize something by heart. This is where you can study for your ATI TEAS test by gamifying the experience.

Students use Quizlet to get a firm grip on certain topics for their TEAS exam by utilizing the existing sets on Quizlet. You can also play games while learning new terms and assessing your preparation for the TEAS exam.

It’s a great platform for focused learning because you don’t feel like studying here. There are many already existing sets on Quizlet for ATI TEAS 7. Utilize them and make the most out of this platform.

TEAS Practice Test For Free

TEAS is a hard exam for nursing students and the practice test makes it easy. Here’s how. When preparing for a critical and tough exam that’s vital to proceed with your journey forward, attempting to practice multiple times can maximize the chances to get you to pass through this exam.

What if the practice doesn’t cost you anything? It’s absolutely stress-free. Now, you can study your mistakes through the TEAS practice test and assess how well-prepared you are to attempt the exam. When you’re ready to crush it, you can attempt the exam, but it doesn’t have to take too much time.

Because you have to be admitted to nursing school, study and graduate, and then step into your professional life. The journey is long, but the TEAS practice test makes this stage less hectic.

ATI TEAS Study Guide Reviews

Here are some reviews of the students who bought this resource to prepare for the exam.

Best ATI TEAS Study Guide 2024

There are 2 well-known study guides that students use the most to score better on their ATI TEAS test. We’ll compare both study guides and try to conclude which one is better if you depend on one guide.

ATI TEAS Study Manual

ATI Study manual not only gives you information about the exam structure, the time limit, the number of questions, and expert tips but also gives you the TEAS 7-styled practice TEAS exam to assess your preparation for the test.

It’s designed to give you the feel as if you’re attempting the actual ATI TEAS exam. This study guide covers all the sections, i.e. reading, math, science, and English, which are included in the test.

The reading & math section is great in ATI Testing, but still, you have to maintain your focus while concluding the comprehension, which might include 3-4 paragraphs.

Many students get confused in the test regarding the Reading section, so the ATI practice test fills the gap for the students. Moreover, the Science and English section also covers the important information for the exam. A few students claim they scored the marks as they did in the ATI practice test.

Mometrix Secrets Study Guide

Mometrix Secrets study guide is a great resource for TEAS exam students. It has pretty much the same content as the ATI study guide, but there are differences in both guides. A few students who bought the Mometrix Secrets study guide say that it’s the best resource, and some say it contains a bunch of unnecessary fluff that wastes their precious time.


TEAS Study guide is necessary to steer your preparation. If you can afford both study guides, that’s the best route if you’re serious about the TEAS exam. And if you can’t afford both, you should go for the official ATI TEAS exam that will prepare you for the actual ATI TEAS exam. Use our free TEAS 7 practice test PDF guide mentioned above. Don’t worry! it’s free to download for everyone. We hope you will find this guide helpful in your preparations for nursing exams.


Will the ATI TEAS study help me score better on the exam?

Absolutely. When you’re preparing for the ATI TEAS exam, the study guide plays a vital role in your confidence that you will get it.

What are the best resources for the ATI TEAS exam?

The best resource to prepare for your ATI TEAS exam is your prep exam for TEAS. Because it gives you the same experience as if you’re attempting to take the ATI TEAS exam. So, when you’re heading towards the exams, you know what to expect in the exam, which helps you stay calm and confident.

Is the TEAS 7 test difficult?

The TEAS 7 has a few changes in terms of several questions you’ll get under each section, and these changes don’t make it harder for the students.

Is the TEAS 6 study guide eligible to prepare for TEAS 7?

Yes, because the basic concepts and content of the test are the same in both versions. You can use the TEAS 6 study guide to prepare TEAS 7 test.

Does The ATI TEAS study manual help students?

Yes, the ATI TEAS study manual is already used by 800,000 students who are satisfied with the quality of the prep TEAS exam. It gives you everything you need to completely ace your test and get a pass on the first attempt. 

How much do I have to score to get admission to a nursing school?

Students should at least get 58.7% (proficient) to get admission to the nursing school or program. The TEAS test doesn’t have the typical pass or fail result. It gives you the percentage, so you must try your best to achieve more than you need.

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