ATI TEAS Tips to Score High: TEAS Prep Tips for Students

Short Answer: The best ATI Teas tip is to take the practice tests and create the ATI exam environment regularly at home to score higher. As practice can only make you a Nurse.

For healthcare students, ATI TEAS test is an un-ignorable factor in their career success. If you score higher in it, you can easily get admission in one of the top healthcare schools in your city/country. To help enthusiastic students score high on your exam, we have listed top ATI TEAS tips to avoid anxiety on the test day.

After reading this guide, we recommend you take a look at Teas Prep tips on their official website including articles, TEAS podcasts, and FAQs. So, let’s get deeper into the details!

13 ATI TEAS Tips from the Pros

Here are valuable tips to prepare for the test correctly, avoid nervousness while attempting the exam, and be confident with your choices on the test day.

  • Make a proper schedule for study and follow it strictly. It’s highly recommended to prepare for the test regularly to eliminate the chances of freaking out before the test.
  • Follow ATI blogs & podcasts to get the correct information on different aspects to ensure your knowledge on the topic. These blogs can give you tips that you won’t find any other way to attempt the ATI TEAS exam.
  • Take the practice tests as much as you can. Practicing helps you find your mistakes and avoid repeating them in the test.
  • Ask your friends for the resources they’re taking help from. They might use some TEAS preparation resources that you don’t know about and can help you perform better.
  • Be on time! It’s crucial to know the place (exam center). Visit the location once to estimate how long it will take to get there. If you have registered for TEAS online, read the instructions carefully to make sure everything is ready before the exam.
  • Observe the subject areas and topics with full attention and do a few practices a day before the TEAS exam day.
  • Don’t get stuck on one question if the answer has slipped your mind. It’s normal, considering the level of stress students go through, but it’s foolish to keep thinking about one question. Remember, you have a specific amount of time to attempt the exam so go ahead.
  • Don’t take it too hard on yourself. Take breaks and look after your physical & mental when you’re preparing for the exam. It goes a long way with you.
  • Join a Facebook ATI TEAS prep group where students are preparing for it and looking to network with each other.
  • While attempting, manage your time wisely to answer more questions.
  • Jump to YouTube for TEAS exam preps. There’s some helpful preparation stuff over there.
  • Make a plan for what will you do if you FAIL. I know you’ve been working and want to pass it on the first attempt, but planning releases stress. It will save you time and help you get to work quickly rather than sobbing over it for days.
  • Get proper sleep the night before your TEAS test to relax your nerves and calm yourself.

Following the tips mentioned above will increase your chances of passing the TEAS on your first attempt. You can make an ATI TEAS Tips PDF by copy-pasting these tips & get them printed so you don’t have to come to the web again and gain or search ‘TEAS tips Reddit’ on Google.

Click the download button to get TEAS tips in PDF foam.

How to Pass TEAS test without Studying?

Is it one day left, and you haven’t prepared for the ATI TEAS test? It’s understandable if you’ve been caught in a family emergency and forgot about your scheduled TEAS exam.

First of all, see the passing score that the college accepts where you want to apply. Second step is to take practice tests 2 – 3 times and calm your nerves down.

Some students pass the test in such situations by simply solving the practice tests again & again and remembering the score they need to get admission.

How to Pass the TEAS test in a Week?

It’s recommended to start preparing at least 6 weeks before the test. But somehow, many students fail to do it and start preparing only a week before it.

If you’re one of those, you can create a study plan to cover all 4 subjects in ATI TEAS 7, i.e., reading, maths, science, English & language. Solve the maximum practice tests you can to strengthen your muscles to solve the answers quickly and take notes of your mistakes.

By doing this, there are chances that you will pass the TEAS test by preparing within a week.

Herzing University TEAS Score Requirements

Are you considering admission in Herzing University for the ASBN ( Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program? You must score at least 66% on the TEAS exam to get there. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get admission in your favorite university for a healthcare degree.


Here are 5 specific tips for ATI TEAS Guide version 7:

  • Study the updated format of ATI TEAS 7 exactly, so you know what to expect in your exam.
  • Understand how many questions must be attempted for each section. The sections in TEAS 7 are reading, maths, English & language, and science.
  • Get familiar with the basic concepts you might see in your exam i.e. algebra, biology, and grammar.
  • Utilize these resources to prepare for your TEAS 7. ATI TEAS SmartPrep, ATI TEAS study manual, and Mometrix flashcards. It has helped hundreds of students score more than 90%.
  • Active recalling your preparation for each topic is a great way to attempt maximum questions correctly without forgetting the answer & making mistakes.

ATI TEAS Answer Key

We have shared the latest answer key below for the ATI TEAS test to make the preparation process as smooth as possible. Now, it’s up to you how you take the most out of it.

TEAS Practice Test Answer Sheet#1

How is ATI TEAS Test Score Calculated?

ATI Score is calculated by Equating System means some question have more weightage; therefore, you must know which question will bring more scores for you.

According to the official ATI website, your scores are calculated based on the correct or wrong answers you gave in the test. You get the total score & subject-specific score of your ATI TEAS test, you an idea of where you made mistakes. To compare the different test versions, the subject area score can be adjusted by ATI Testing.

ATI TEAS Test Tips: Wrapping up!

The ATI TEAS exam is a leading factor in your healthcare career success. The school you want to go to will assess your knowledge and preparedness to begin your practical knowledge journey. Therefore, don’t take this test for granted. It’ll demand your energy, time, and focus to perform better than an average student. Show your passion for healthcare through your ATI TEAS exam. We hope these tips and resources will help you ace your medical TEAS exam. We wish you the best of luck with your test!


What is a good score on ATI TEAS test?

You have to see your school’s passing score. Overall, anywhere between 65% – 80% is the passing score for the ATI TEAS test in healthcare & nursing schools.

Is the ATI TEAS test hard?

It depends on your preparation. Some students find the test to be more complicated than they expected because they didn’t put in time to prepare for it. Contrarily, some students who are over-prepared consider the test to be easier than they thought it would be. 

How to score high on the ATI TEAS test?

You can easily score high if you follow a disciplined routine, make a study schedule, and start preparing for the exam at least 6 weeks ago. 

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