Schedule ATI TEAS Test 2024: Register for the TEAS

Short Answer: Go to , select the TEAS type (online or In-person), choose the date, fill all the details, and you are done.

You need to pass the ATI TEAS test when you’re ready to apply for nursing schools or programs. It holds a vital role as nursing schools are likely to give admissions to those who have passed ATI TEAS test with a good score.

Students prefer to schedule ATI TEAS test and attempt it before the admission deadlines. If they want to retake the TEAS, they can prepare it better after scheduling TEAS. Everyone must know the importance of scheduling TEAS test and how to register it to score more. 

You can schedule ATI TEAS test online by visiting the official ATI TEAS Exam page and move on to selecting the relevant options for your ATI TEAS exam. Choose between the four option as per your convenience such as TEAS Online proctored by ATI, TEAS online proctored by an institution, In-person proctored by an instituation, and In-person proctored by PSI.

Enter other details, i.e., city, zip code, test location-wise, school or PSI testing center, date, etc. If you register through your institution, they will have to provide some basic information, i.e., account login details. After all, you can schedule your ATI TEAS exam according to your preparations. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to schedule ATI TEAS test online, how to take the TEAS test at home, upcoming ATI TEAS exam dates, and the locations near you.

Scheduling ATI TEAS Test and its Importance

Scheduling the exam means that you’ll decide on what date you’ll attempt it and register for it on their website. It helps minimize your stress and give you the last preparation date.

Once you done with it and prepared a study plan, you start investing time in preparing for the exam rather than worrying about how you’ll do it and what score you’ll get. Your time will become productive and beneficial for you.

Things to know Before TEAS Registration

Here are some prerequisites before scheduling the exam.

  • Read the school’s requirements completely.
  • The candidate must present a valid government-issues ID card (not expired).
  • If you want to retake TEAS, read the policies.
  • When you book TEAS, a Free transcript is included. Here are the instructions about it.

How to Schedule ATI TEAS Test: Simple & Quick Steps

Let’s have a look at the detailed procedure to register for TEAS today.

Step 1: First, open the TEAS exam official website.

Step 2: Select an option from the four as TEAS Online proctored by ATI, TEAS online proctored by an institution, In-person proctored by an instituation, and In-person proctored by PSI.

Choose from four TEAS options

Step 3: Provide the further information asked.

Step 4: After that, select the Date, Center, and other details depending on your Test Type as mentioned in step 2.

Step 5: Read the instructions, verify the details, and click the “Continue Registration” option.

Step 6: Select the desired session when popup.

Step 7: Click the check out, pay the registration fee, and it’s all done.

Step 8: Now, it’s time to prepare your exam and get Higher scores.

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ATI TEAS Test Dates 2024

How do I schedule a TEAS test? Check the available TEAS test dates and choose according to your preparations and preferences. For online, check the available dates here. For In-person TEAS, the available dates are here.

TEAS Test locations near me

If you’re going for the In-Person ATI Test for whatever reason, you need to know about all the available locations near you in every region. Out of all the locations you see, you can select the one that is nearest to you or your school. Check locations here.

Can you take TEAS Test Online at Home?

In order to take the TEAS test online, you need to fulfill the technical requirements from the official ATI Testing site. Here is your checklist before you schedule your TEAS test online:

  • You need a computer, Mac, iPad, or tablet. You can’t take the test on your mobile phone (you can use an iPad – iOS: 11.0+ if you’re taking the TEAS Online Proctored by ATI).
  • If you use Google Chrome, you must have a Chrome 77 or later.
  • For PC, Windows 10 or later, and Mac OS x 12 or later for Mac.
  • A stable internet connection of 5Mbps or more.
  • A working microphone and Web cam.
  • The device must have minimum of 4GB RAM.
  • You must have administrative rights to install the application on the computer so you can attempt the exam. (this is only for those taking TEAS Online Proctored by ATI).

Wrapping up

By reading this blog, you already have every single piece of information you need to schedule ATI TEAS test. Once you have registered for your exam, stop thinking and start studying. You have no time left to think about it anymore. You should have the study plan in place to start your preparation immediately. Knowing the exact date of your ATI TEAS exam will help you wash off the procrastination to prepare for the exam. We wish you good luck with your ATI TEAS exam and work to provide you with better information related to ATI.


How do I schedule my ATI TEAS test?

Go to , choose the test type, enter all the details, and register for TEAS.

Is the ATI TEAS test the same every time?

You need to know that the ATI TEAS test is different every single day, so be prepared for that. Otherwise, there would be no logic to give it so much importance because you’d already know what you’ll have to answer in the test.

How many questions are in TEAS test?

You’ll have to answer 170 questions (multiple-choice questions and other options) within 203 minutes (3.3 hours). If you’re prepared for the exam, you can complete it quickly in the given time.

What kind of questions are on the ATI TEAS test?

TEAS exam questions comes in the form of MCQs. Select all that apply, fill in the blanks, and select ordered responses and hot spots.

How many questions are on each section of the TEAS test?

It has four sections: reading, Mathematics, Science, and English. You’ll have to answer 45 questions in reading, 38 in maths, 50 in science, and 37 in English.

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